Elm Street Drainage Phase II – Addendum #1

The text of Addendum #1 for the Elm Street Drainage Phase II Project is below:

City of Tuscaloosa

Elm Street Drainage Phase II (A10-0040)

January 29, 2010


Item #1: Clarification

All Sanitary and Storm Sewer pipe on this project, regardless of material, shall be bedded in #57 Stone with a minimum thickness of 6”. The cost for bedding shall be considered incidental to the price of the pipe.

Item #2: Clarification

Grading for the installation of sidewalk shall be considered incidental to the price of the sidewalk.

Item #3: Specifications

Due to the use of Federal Funds on this project, Contractors shall pay employees according to the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act. Furthermore, according to the State of Alabama (Tuscaloosa County) Superseded General Decision Number: AL20070198 for Heavy Construction including Water and Sewer Lines will be the applicable set of Davis-Bacon Wage Rates for the above mentioned project. As noted, in the listing, the “SU” designation means that rates listed under the identifier do not reflect collectively bargained wage and fringe benefit rates. Other designations indicate unions whose rates have been determined to be prevailing.

Item #4: Specifications; Bid Form; Bid Tabulation Sheet

Bidders shall use attached form (Revised 1/29/10) with their bid form.

Please note the following changes and explanations:

a)      Item #2, Remove Pavement, has been edited to include the phrase “(at pipe crossings)”. This item shall reflect work to remove pavement only where pipe crossings are made

b)      Item #13: has been edited to read “Water Meter Relocation” instead of “Water Main Relocation.”

c)      Item #16, Mill Existing Pavement: has had the quantity reduced from 2,979 SY to 1,700 SY. This reflects the poor condition of any existing paving west of Hickory Street. East of Hickory Street the Contractor will be required to mill existing pavement prior to placement of new paving

d)      Item #17, 825B…, has had the quantity reduced from 2,979 SY to 1,700 SY. This reflects the condition as mention in item c) above. Where paving is milled there will be no need for the base material (825B).

e)      Item #27, has been changed from “Undercut (contingency)” to “General Excavation and Undercut” and the quantity has been changed from 150 CYIP to 400 CYIP. Payment for this item shall be made for work in removing material from the frontage road (including asphalt and stone) to reach subgrade per the paving section. Payment for this item shall also include the removal of unsuitable soils from the trenches. QUANTITIES FOR THIS ITEM MUST BE APPROVED BY THE ENGINEER IN ADVANCE OF THE WORK. This is a contingency item and only pre-approved amounts will be accepted on pay requests. Unauthorized amounts will not be paid.

f)       Item #29, Off-Site Borrow. This item has been added to allow for additional backfill of pipe in existing ditch sections where there may not be enough material to properly backfill installed pipe. As in item #27, Quantities must be approved in advance by the Engineer or they will not be accepted for payment.


The document and revised bid form are available to download:

Addendum #1

Elm Phase II Bid tab (revised)


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