Elm Street Drainage Phase II – Bid Tab

The Bid Tabulation has been certified and presented to the City. This was the first bid tab that I have ever done that did not have any errors by any of the bidders. It is also the first bid that we have mass distributed the bid sheet in an excel format to all Bidders and everyone used that worksheet in Excel -meaning all bids were entered into the worksheet by the prospective Bidders and printed out and turned in that way.  The Items, Units, and  Quantities were all locked and the Biddders entered their Unit Prices and formulas for Total Prices. The spreadsheet did all the arithmetic (which is usually where the error comes in).

I have worried in the past that a Contractor could manipulate the Quantities and therefore change his Total Price but even if that happened the error would show up when we re-enter his Unit Price into our spreadsheet for certification.

A copy of the Bid Tabulation is available below (this is a public project).

Elm II Cert. Bid Tab

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